International Coaching & Counseling Services

We are an international psychological practice located in Zurich for counseling, coaching, mediation and mentoring. Our vision is to help clients to overcome their personal problems, unblock their obstacles, and to get to a flow state as easy as possible. The main strength we have is to identify and remove the deeper blocking obstacles which hinderes one to live their full potential. Another strenght is our multilingualism (English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Swiss German, French and Danish). We have a broad network of holistic therapists to work with on different levels of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Who benefits from psychological coaching

We consult and coach adults and young people who are facing difficult problems or are looking for support after drastic life experiences such as dismissal or divorce. Even if you are standing at a crucial crossroad in life and want to plan your next steps in a targeted manner, you have come to the right place. Coachng is not the right choice for long-standing, serious psychological problems. In this case, I reccomend psychotherapy.

Personal commitment is more important than time

Whether you want to be coached in person or by phone first, the psychological coaching offers you plenty of room for reflection and a confidential, supportive atmosphere. Most clients already experience significant success in 4 to 6 individual sessions. Assuming your personal commitment and the will to change.

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